Come on in


Welcome to my intangible home where my passions revealed are merely binary. Should I say ‘merely binary’? These little 1′s and 0′s give us our vast, online network of sharing. They are the pillars of connecting with friends and family, learning around the globe and laughing until our face hurts. Nay! These binary buggers make it possible to show you who I am without being in my tangible presence. Welcome to my pursuit of happiness.

Living Room

Crochet brings me great pleasure. It’s a soothing activity that can be done just about anywhere. I prefer a comfy sofa with a fuzzy dog or two laying next to me.


Here is where I digitize my crochet patterns, design websites and write Android apps.


Prepper canning takes place here. I recently canned a delicious tomato sauce using my own homegrown tomatoes.