Orange Dog Scarf Crochet Pattern

Orange Dog Scarf

Orange Dog Scarf

“Where did my dog go? Oh wait… I see an orange streak of light over yonder. Good thing I made that bright orange dog scarf.” – what you said in your dreams last night.

How did I know you said that? Magic. Yes, some magic still exists in this world. Moving on…

This orange dog scarf crochet pattern will bring a smile to you and your dog’s face. The bright pumpkin color makes tracking your dog a little easier. Whether or not you will be able to catch them is yet to be determined.

Change up the colors to suit you and your dog’s fashion tastes. Perhaps a navy blue to state your dog is calm, cool and collected? Or maybe red to state your dog is a firecracker? The choice is yours! Wield this power and announce to the world that your dog rocks!

WARNING: If you have more than one dog then be prepared to make multiple scarves to appease the masses. My dogs get jealous if only one is wearing this scarf.

My inspiration for this dog scarf was that we live in the country and I wanted to provide my dogs with a little extra protection during the hunting season. I don’t want my dogs’ brown and white fur mistaken for a deer butt. Yes, I said deer butt…

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